Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Q How can I buy Tempes GTR or Tempes GTx?

A You cannot. Both apps have been discontinued.

Q Why don’t I get acceleration results?

A To get acceleration results, the acceleration end speed or distance must be above the set range (e.g. over 100 km/h for a 0-100 km/h measurement). As speedometers often show too large values (e.g. 100 km/h when the actual speed is 94 km/h), you should make sure that you don't decelerate too early.

Q The display shows INACCURATE often and acceleration measurement fails sometimes. Why is this?

A The app monitors GPS signal accuracy constantly, and INACCURATE is shown if acceleration results would not be precise enough. Try to relocate the phone so that the GPS has a better view of the sky. Note that sometimes it takes a couple of minutes or more for the GPS receiver to connect to all available satellites.

Q I downloaded the demo version of GTx and bought a registration code from your web store a couple of years ago. Can I move the registration to a new phone?

A Old customers can get free registration codes from support@tempes.com. Please provide the IMEI code of your new phone. The demo versions for Symbian 1st edition (GT.sis), 2nd edition (GTi.sis) and 3rd edition onwards (GTx.sis) can be downloaded from these links.

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